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We will MOTIVATE, INSPIRE and PROVOKE wellbeing and happiness at the workplace through our holistic retreats, to keep your best talent performing at their best.

A healthy and happy workforce is vital to running a successful business, enterprise or team. With our extensive experience in running world-class retreats, we know that wellbeing contributes remarkably to sustaining healthy work habits, enhancing productivity and a successful organisation.

A corporate and team-building retreat day scheduled into the regular work life of an organisation is a great source of team unity and commitment to the common goal. Creating a pause within a regular workday and spending time with coworkers in a way that is fun, interesting and reflective will have an immediate positive effect on team building, morale and company success.

Spinach Legendary is a bespoke retreat, working with specialist practitioners, that carefully design’s a mix of holistic therapies such as, Gigong, Emotional Freedom Techniques (ETF) Tapping Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Meditation and Success Coaching to name a few, to meet the needs of your organisations requirements.

To book a consultation with an expert Spinach Practitioner

please call +44 (0)203 441 2977 or email

and quote “Spinach Legendary Consultation”.

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