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Spinach Retreats philosophy is built on wisdom that once Mind, Body and Soul is integrated and nourished, then you can achieve optimal wellbeing and success. We are one of England’s unequalled wellness establishments fuelled with a burning desire to bring you only the best holistic therapies when it comes to total wellbeing.

We are not just a weekend getaway that relieves you from accumulated stress from your day to day activities; we are an all encompassing well-being program that ensures complete integration of your body, soul and mind, for the purpose of creating a more positive and a unified whole.

With extreme dedication, we ensure that all our retreats are specifically designed using life-changing therapies to ensure success in all aspects of wellbeing. They are held in the beautiful England country side and extremely fortified with only the best practitioners who have excelled over the years in creating a serene environment to foster evident satisfaction. With our extensive range of holistic medicine and spa, we offer the best solutions for stress, burnout, detox and many more.

Our retreats are mainly in small groups, to promote socialisation with like-minded individuals and above all ensure everyone is well catered for. Join us for this life-enriching journey for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

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